Ireland has one of the youngest populations in Europe and with Teen Spirit week, we will be celebrating the life of a teenager. From aspirations, authority figures and relationships to what they think the future holds, we discover what Irish teenagers really want and what they think of Ireland.

The Teen Spirit season kicks off the week with a series of shorts aimed at, and featuring Irish teenagers.

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“Then & Now”, is a tongue and cheek look at how the age of communication has changed. We meet 5 teenagers and their grandparents who chat and reflect on the ups and downs of teenage life through the decades. Hear what advice grandparents and teens have to offer each other, learn about what life was like without Facebook, how certain things like peer pressure still exists and how love can still be like a battlefield.

“The Rules”, are devised by teens themselves and they are nuggets of advice about how teenage life can be made easier. The last thing you think of is setting up rules, right! See how a group of teenagers meet up in their local school library during Saturday morning detention and devise rules which they think will make teenage life easier!

“Us vs. Them”, looks at how teens really feel about authority figures, are they always right? Check out this unique high energy dance off between teens and the rule makers. Who knows best? It’s up to you to decide.

Future: What does your future hold? If you wanted to know what teenagers think the future holds, then here are your answers. Follow various teenagers as they race and backflip through time, past old monuments into modern day Dublin, as they embrace and question their futures, in this new modern Ireland.

Tune into Teen Spirit week, where we meet other inspirational teens, where we see teenagers vent their opinions in the Vent Tent and celebrities such as Colin Farrell, Lucy Spraggon and boyband Lawson reveal what advice they would give to their teen selves.

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