Spring is here, a whole rake of summer festivals have been announced and any day now we’ll be treated to that April staple of a week’s blazing hot weather. While it’s probably still a good idea to keep your gloves close to hand until the sunny changeover, we all know that summer is a more a state of mind in Ireland and so, with a little help from Harmless Noise readers who suggested some of their own favourites, I’ve put together a playlist of songs from the past year or so to bring a little advance sunshine our way.

There’s a mixture of pop, indie, electronic and rock so give them all a shot to find something you like and click the links to find out more about the artists. Some of the tracks were chosen because they have a fitting title, others just seem to feel warm and happy but one thing’s for certain: they all sound great!

LeGalaxieHeat City

Ms HazelYou Cannot Break My Heart

TieranniesaurAzure Island

Cloud Castle LakeJasmine (Jai Paul cover for Quompilation #3)

OrquestaKokomo (ft. Jape, Katie Kim, Kathi Burke)


GoodtimeBehind This Sun (Laser Tom remix)

Benny SmilesSunday Morning

Garret MooreBreathing Hard On Thin Air

Me and My DogAlways All Alone

WindingsSun On My Bones

Come On Live LongLittle Ones

Little Green CarsHarper Lee


Cave GhostsLa Concha

SkelocratsBetter Days For The Eskimos

SquareheadMore Quickly

EnemiesIndian Summer

JoggingFalse Spring

LogikpartyJar Of Wasps

My Bloody ValentineNew You

Enjoy listening! Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think. If you’d like to keep up to date with these bands and others like them, visit my blog Harmless Noise.

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