It’s time for a round-up of the best new Irish music in the past month and there are loads of goodies out there just waiting for your perusal. Here’s hoping that by the time you’ve worked your way through all of these, it’s April and the sun’s out . . . and there’ll be a whole new collection to start over with here on the Two Tube blog! If you’re in search of new Irish music on a daily basis however, pay a visit to my blog Harmless Noise.

Every March the biggest bit of music news centres around the prestigious Choice Music Prize which awards €10,000 to the best Irish album of the year, decided by a panel of music media professionals. Delorentos were the winners on 7 March, scooping the prize for their 2012 album Little Sparks – you can stream or buy it on Bandcamp. The band jetted straight off to the US for a series of shows the very next day, including performances at the world’s biggest music showcase SXSW.

Previously nominated for the Choice with their 2007 debut In Love With Detail, in the time since the band almost split up for good, before regrouping their creative vision to come back with a second album You Can Make Sound. It’s been a strange journey for the North Dublin band but one of positivity, and their determination has certainly been rewarded.

It’s hard not to love Le Galaxie and their latest video for The Nightcaller is a perfect example of why the band are so popular.

This track is taken from the Fade 2 Forever EP which was released in 2012, and features an irresistible vocal hook from Laura Smyth that’s guaranteed to melt the coldest heart. As you can see below the video is top quality neon gloss, with all the best of those gorgeous synth melodies transformed into fluid motion.

Another new video to surface since the last round-up is one from Villagers, for their song The Bell which was taken from new album {Awayland}. It uses animation over live footage of the band performing in the Attica studios in Donegal where their albums were recorded.

Check out this cool video made by Tandem Felix; choreographed at double speed, it’s then slowed down again, and the result of this special technique is a strange type of movement that isn’t quite natural. The track is Tell Yer Loved Ones and is the first single from their new EP Popcorn which is released on 1 April.

Another great video has just come our way in the past week, this time from Tieranniesaur. Titled DIYSCO, it hears the six-part band resume the funky riffs and grooves that made their debut a huge success, and is the first single to be taken from their second album which will be released through Popical Island in May.

Elsewhere on the Isle of Popical, another new project is underway: four bands have joined forces to present the collective’s first vinyl release in the form of The Community Games LP. Launched on 13 April it features 12 tracks, three each from the bands Cave Ghosts, Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club, serving up a party platter of perfect rock and pop tunes. Check out this cheeky video trailer with four song snippets first, then head over to hear the full versions on Bandcamp.

Due to the sheer numbers, indie rock bands are one of the most hit-or-miss aspects of Irish music but a new band I heard recently really impressed me. Hailing from Wicklow, they’re called Daydream Regime and make bright, loud, feelgood songs that sparkle with talent.

Have a listen to their first EP on Soundcloud and check out this video for the great track Shot In The Dark below.

Few bands are as constantly productive as Nanu Nanu, and following on from last month’s video for Pocket Of Gold, now the jewelled duo have a collection of no less than 21 remixes from new Irish producers. You can listen to the full set here on Soundcloud.

On the subject of remixes, this next EP comes on a sadder note: Belfast’s Eatenbybears announced that they have split up after some success as a band over the past couple of years but before bowing out, they thanked their friends and fans with a collection of favourite tracks worked over by some stellar names. I’m a big fan of the SertOne edit of Malkovich, as well as KaraKara‘s signature style embossed over the familiar strains of Duchenne Smile.

Another Belfast band, this time the most successful rock group to emerge from the north in recent times, ASIWYFA have just released their third album All Hail Bright Futures on US label Sargent House. It hears them continue their highly-charged fusillade of riffs and walloping drums, and is already sweeping the world’s heavy head brigade by storm.

Kool Thing have just released their debut album after several years putting together a sound and style to match their big dreams of synthy songs, and have a whopping 14 tracks to show for it. Irish but based in Berlin, the band are currently on tour in Canada after launching the album in Dublin on 9 March.

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