If you’re still smarting after not getting any Valentine’s Day cards last week or just in shock at how quick February is flying by now is the perfect time to grab some new pop music to brighten your day. Music journalist and DJ Conor Behan recommends his February playlist.

If you want pure pop then you can’t go far wrong with The Saturdays. What About Us is their first single release in the US and the big, dance-pop chorus and sunkissed video are an enjoyable piece of bubblegum. You’ll be wishing it was summer in no time.

Similarly bubblegum but utterly enjoyable, is Hot Chelle Rae’s Hung Up. The popular American group is a baby Maroon 5, a pop-rock band with a shameless pop sensibility. This is very much in the vein of the kind of slick, pure pop that One Direction excel at so if you’re dying for more stuff in the same style this will be a new favourite.

Haim are already the darlings of plenty of music writers and their newest single Falling will surely have them winning over many more fans. They’ve got plenty of hook driven but utterly cool tunes in their arsenal but this one is a great starting point. They mix a Fleetwood Mac feel with their love of 90s R&B like En Vogue and Falling is an excellent of that unusual but alluring mixture.

Doing a similarly cool but catchy sound are Dublin/Berlin synth duo Kool Thing. They’re releasing their debut album early next month and this new tune TV Tower is the catchiest thing they’ve done yet. Like Haim they’ve plenty of space and mood in their work but this lot have a haunting quality and electronic shimmer you’ll find hard to resist.

Sky Ferreira has had a cult following for a couple of years and her tune Everything is Embarrassing enjoyed a big reception last year. Sadly it wasn’t made available to buy on iTunes over here but now Ferreira has found a major label to give her a wider audience. This gloomy, 80s inspired single will be getting an official release in early March so if you’ve loved it for ages and want to buy you’re in luck. If you’re just hearing it now, welcome along and enjoy.

Avicii & Nicky Romero’s I Could Be The One is another tune that’s been around for awhile and only recently released officially but it’s still plenty of fun. It’s fairly by the numbers cross over stadium electronic dance with a pop chorus but it’s also really infectious. If you’re a fan of dance tunes that sound like pop tunes then this continues to be a must hear.

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