Fashion bloggers Glamrocks, aka Una and Louise, recount how they created the second edition of tabitha.

Work for issue two of tabitha began as we were wrapping up issue one. We had ideas and themes built up in our head so we would meet regularly usually in Pygmalion, (that’s where you’ll find us!) laptops in tow, to pool all of these ideas together, and to begin a more coherent list of what and who to feature.

We decided early on to include more writers in issue two which was a difficult decision as it meant we had to lose a little bit of control. But it meant we gained some really exciting and fresh ideas and input from a really talented bunch of people. It also meant that we had time to focus on other jobs and alleviated some of the pressure that we faced in issue one. There were still a lot of long days and longer nights but we felt like we had more of a support network.

Once we had decided the running order of the magazine, we mapped out how we wanted everything to look and started from there.

Street Style

Street Style

Our first shoot was our street style section. We love shooting these, as not only do we get to work with really cool people, but we get to unleash our nosey side too .There is nothing better to us than getting to snoop into someone’s wardrobe!

Fashion Shoots

After they were completed we started a series of fashion shoots, using a mix of models and themes. These are so much fun to work on, we literally run home with the pictures and squeal with excitement as they load up on our laptop. No ‘Anna Wintour Cool’ round tabitha’s house, we genuinely act like 13 year old girls at a Bieber concert when it comes to working on shoots.


Then as the articles arrived in from our different sources, we began the task of actually formatting and putting the magazine together. Shane (photographer & graphic designer) really takes the reigns here, turning our ideas scribbled in a notepad into actual finished pages!

This bit is the hardest part of the whole magazine process, and is definitely the part which we are learning most from with every page edited.

Finally after everything is checked, double checked, sub edited and nipped and tucked to within an inch of its life we send the entire thing off to the printers. This is both exciting and scary. Full nights of sleep are replaced by nightmares revolving around various ways in which the magazine arrives wrong or un-usable. Thankfully, we have not had any issues yet and the finished copies arrived last Friday safe and sound!

We really hope that you can make it to the launch of tabitha this Saturday (11/08/12), in The Bernard Shaw from 6pm, where you will be able to pick up your free copy before it is anywhere else!

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