Bloggers Una and Louise of popular fashion blog Glamrocks recount how they realised their dream of publishing a fashoin magazine. As the proud publishers of tabitha, they explain what it took to get it to the printers.

The whole process started about nine months ago. We knew for quite a while who we wanted to feature in the first issue of tabitha. We have been running our blog for three years and through it we have been very lucky to have met many talented and creative people in Ireland. It was a question of whether they would want to feature in the magazine, and luckily for us they did!

We had a budget of zero to produce tabitha so we are extremely grateful to everyone who gave up their free time and contributed.

Picking and choosing the content is always fun, creating ideas and themes for shoots is something that we absolutely love doing so that was the easy part! We are both on the same page about a lot of what we want, and we were incredibly lucky to have photographer and graphic designer Shane O’Connor work with us.

We decided early on in the process that the theme of Issue 1 would be ‘Welcome To The Party’ and that is running subtly throughout the magazine.

Initially tabitha was just going to be online but a few months into the project we really thought it deserved to be printed.

It was Shane who introduced us to, which is an organisation that provides a platform for people to raise money through crowd funding. So many successful projects have been luanched through Fundit, we decided it could be a great way to raise the money we needed to get tabitha printed. We had our project on the site for just over a month and in the last day we reached our target!

From the outset tabitha was to be a free magazine. After a lot of research we chose a printing company in Galway and had 1,000 copies printed up. We got in touch with businesses around Dublin from vintage shops, music venues to cafes to see if they would be interested in having a few copies so their customers could pick it up for free.

So far we have distributed to about 25 businesses in Dublin and Galway, a more recently to a couple of places in Kilkenny.

The support has been overwhelming and we are delighted with all the positive feedback we have been getting. tabitha magazine is also available to read online through our new website

Issue 2
The next step is Issue 2, we have most of the content chosen already so we are pretty eager to get going! We are hoping to get some advertising in this issue so we can get it printed and distributed again, for anyone who would like a hard copy. is acting as our umbrella now, through the site you can read tabitha online, you can get to our Glamrocks blog and in the next few weeks we are launching our online vintage shop properly so stay tuned!

We are always keen for anyone who would like to contribute to email us at [email protected] We have had lots of people expressing interest in contributing which is just fantastic. We are hoping to feature some of them on our blog which is updated regularly.

For those who want to start a blog or launch a magazine/website, be prepared to work damn hard! It is often said that something you want badly does not come easily and that is so true. Prepare to make sacrifices, there is many a long night in store of proof reading, spell checking, arranging, re-arranging, – you get it, it is hard work! We can tell you though it was worth every second.

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