By Louise and Una from Glamrocks

The 2011 Darklight Film Festival is nearly upon us.

We are getting pretty excited about what is set to be a weekend of cracking indie movies made on little or no budgets. The Darklight Film Festival will be taking place in The Factory on Barrow Street near the Grand Canal Dock between the20-22 of October 2011. It’s still so refreshing and reassuring that, even in the absolute state of our economy at the moment, there are still people who are keeping the art world alive, by making, contributing, sponsoring and organizing events such as this.

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Strictly Roots’. This will be, as the official site puts it, “celebrating the spirit of grassroots filmmaking; how friends and communities come together, and against the crazy backdrop of global financial meltdown still manage to make moving, hilarious, challenging and kick-ass films” Excited yet?

One of the highlights of the weekend will surely be the new indie voices showcase. Taking place throughout Saturday the 22nd of October, it will take the format of show and tell. Highlights are set to include the work of Annville Films. These are gorgeously shot, little snippets of life around Ireland, mostly Dublin. There is a lovely atmospheric aesthetic to their work and it really deserves to be seen by many. Their work will be screened in Studio 5 Sat 22 –Oct 10:30 – 13:00.

For a lighthearted addition, check out Half a Giraffe. Taking the format of a kind of vlog , these videos mix huge chunks of typical Irish humour with a big fat dollop of the surreal. Here is what you can expect!

Another exciting addition to Saturday of the festival will be the screening of Bellflower. This movie is a must see, and has been compared to an indie Fight Club. Intrigued? Directors Evan Glondell and DO Joel Hodge will be showcasing their beautiful movie. They will also be doing a workshop for people interested in the home made camera used to shoot the film as well as a Q&A on film making on a budget.

If that is not enough, we also recommend the Eat My Shorts event on Saturday evening. Film maker Suri Grennell and graphic designer Dermot Collins are the brains behind it and as their website will tell you, “Eat my Shorts events are a platform for the most innovative new talent in film making around the world. They give film makers the opportunity to show their work in a fun, supportive atmosphere.” Promising movie tunes, popcorn, cadet soda and sugary treats, it is set to be an evening of educational fun!

For a full summery and schedule of the weekend, check out the Darklight website and for further inspiration have a look at the Darklight tumblr.

Enjoy the Festival!

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