What does the term ‘style crush’ mean? Like an artist appreciates Monet or a musician respects Beethoven my style crushes are those people who I applaud in their art of dressing. They have captured something that appeals to my own sense of style or inspires something within me. We each have our own developed personal style but every now and then a style crush comes along and shows us a new trick or highlights that something extra we wish to attain. Though I frequently write about my celebrity style crushes for Blaubushka it’s my fellow ‘blogger girls’ that really catch my eye. Sure I’d love to have the hair or presence of Daisy Lowe, the sixties swagger of Tennessee Thomas, the quirky charm of Zooey Deschanel, the folk allure of Isabel Lucas or the polished perfection of Olivia Palermo but sometimes its better to appreciate the ‘blogger girls’ who show you how easy it is to twist the classics or make a trend your own.

What I love most about having a blogger style crush is that you get to see how your crush really lives and breathes in their clothes as opposed to celebrity crushes quick twirl on the red carpet. It also affords you the opportunity to appreciate how a blogger girl mixes and matches the same pieces to create more versatile looks. It was through her Lookbook account that I first discovered Constance Phillips, 23 year old freelance stylist and photographer. Phillips manages to be a permanent vision of fresh, clean and natural beauty with the poise of a dancer. Possessing a beauty that’s both dark and enchanting she really embraces a look with her tender and romantic touch. Her style is on the right side of vintage with undertones of grunge and she sure knows how to work the feminine form. Phillips is unafraid to rework her wardrobe favourites in elegant ensembles and never fails to add ‘that certain something’ making any look very much her own. I have a big crush.